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Where inquiry begins

We believe the early years are a critical stage in a child's development and in their education. Everything we do is intended to provide the best outcomes for our young learners and to provide them with a fun and stimulating place to learn.

  • Our play-based programme is designed to meet the needs of young learners
  • Our curriculum, the IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), encourages learning through inquiry and provides opportunities to take risks and be creative.
  • Our teachers are all qualified, early years professionals
  • Our classrooms are very well equipped with age appropriate education and technology resources
  • Our exciting indoor and outdoor play areas promote the development of children's gross motor skills while challenging children to develop and stretch themselves

Our kindergartens offer a bilingual English-Vietnamese programme for students aged 2 to 6 years  and educate children from a diversity of backgrounds, making them truly international settings. The learning environment is highly interactive and children are encouraged to learn through exciting and fun hands-on experiences. Our curriculum is also highly interactive and is play-based, and has been structured to promote learning through inquiry. 


We provide an educationally caring, supportive and enriching environment to nurture and stimulate children's abilities and talents. Through inquiry based learning and play, we encourage children's natural curiosity and creativity, develop their personal and social skills, inspire them with a life-long love of learning and the confidence to fulfill their potential. Peace School prepares students to be successful, well-balanced and resposible global citizens. 

Our Programme

Peaceful kindergarten offers two sessions a day, morning and afternoon, three hours in duration. The children are encouraged to learn by following their own lines of interest and inquiry. They are also actively engaged in teacher-led learning activities.

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Quality Teaching

With in-depth experience of the early years, our Principal have the skills and knowledge to create effective and stimulating learning environments in which children are continually encouraged to develop and where progress is carefully monitored.

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Reporting system

At Peaceful Kindergartens we believe that parents should be well informed about their child’s progress. parents will receive a portfolio which will be a reflection of their child's learning journey at kindergarten.

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Involving our parents

Through daily diaries, online information, newsletters and regular reporting, parents are kept informed about their child’s progress and achievements.

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